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Best drill press

Best drill press


Drilling machine – appointment, classification
Appointment of drilling machines

Drills are designed for drilling blind and through holes in solid material, boring, reaming, reaming, tapping, cutting discs from sheet material. To perform these operations using drills, core drills, reamers, taps and other tools. Formative movements in the processing of the holes on the drilling machines are the main rotational movement of the tool and tool feed forward movement on its axis.

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The basic machine setting – the largest nominal diameter hole drilling (in steel). In addition, the machine is characterized by the greatest reach and move the spindle speed and other indicators.

Classification of drilling machines

Drilling machines are divided into the following types:

Vertical Drilling Machines;
Single spindle semi-automatic;
Multi-spindle semi-automatic;
Jig-boring machines;
Radial drilling machines;
Horizontal boring;
Diamond boring;
Horizontal drilling machines;
Rraznye drilling.
The models represent letters and numbers. The first digit indicates which group is the machine, the second – what type, third and fourth digits characterize the size of the machine or workpiece. Letter standing after the first digit means that this model is upgraded machine (improved). If the letter is at the end, this means that on the basis of the basic model it is made different from the machine.

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For example, a model 2N118 machine – vertical drilling, the maximum diameter of the hole 18 mm, improved compared to the 2118 models of drilling machines and 2A118. The machine model 2N118A and vertical drilling, the diameter of the hole 18 mm, but it is automated and is designed to work in a small batch and mass production.

Depending on the application distinguish between universal and special drills. It is widely used and specialized drilling machines for large-scale and mass production that are created on the basis of universal machines by equipping them with Multi-spindle drilling and die heads and automation cycle.

Of all the drilling machines are the following basic types of universal machine tools: single- and multi-spindle vertical drilling; radial drilling; horizontal drilling for deep drilling.